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May be several reasons:

  • House looks outdated
  • You are no longer satisfied with any interior or the materials from which the house is built
  • You need to replace utilities
  • And, finally, your family has grown, and the house you simply become small

Moral or physical deterioration of the house – that’s why you want to see on the site of an existing home a new home. But even if the old house had stopped suit you, do not destroy it completely. We offer the way of the renovation to help drastically change your old house.

There is an opinion that it is easier to build a new house than to remake old. This opinion is due to the fear of huge inconveniences and disparate material costs associated with renovation, as well as the duration of the process. Offering the customer the renovation, we actually offer to save time and money. With years of experience in the construction and renovation of houses, we argue that completely break down the old and rebuild a new house – it is more expensive and longer than rebuild and improve old. We also ensure that our ability to do “little blood” in the renovation process will ensure minimum interference with the habitual way of life of the customer. You do not have to leave the existing housing as long as possible. We will carry out the renovation of your living space actually side by side with you in the next room, almost without causing you inconveniences. Sensitivity to the customer and respect for the project of renovation – the principle of our work.

We offer many options for renovation, eliminating the moral or physical deterioration of the house. Living area of ​​the house will increase significantly if the house to attach additional space, as well as to demolish the old walls. The house will be more comfortable and modern, if one of the premises to arrange a winter garden, extending for this purpose the window openings; winter garden can be arranged, for example, in the new building built to the front of the house on the second floor – it will significantly improve the appearance of the building. Change the internal image of the house will help the new lighting system with the replacement of electrical wiring. Dismantling of utilities and replacing them with more modern replacement of interior and exterior decoration – these and other options for reconstruction will allow you to save time and money and at the same time gain a fundamentally new housing.