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Painting & Decoration


Professional paint work Today, decorating the walls is done with different materials. Won a well-deserved popularity painted walls with emulsion paint in the apartment. Acceptable price combined with high quality, safe operation, excellent aesthetic characteristics. The cost of ink is low, it is harmless to health, dries quickly.

Painting apartments with emulsion paint does not require sophisticated equipment, so the cost of the work is very democratic. This paint can pait the walls in the apartment any color by adding a certain color. If necessary, the wall panels rapidly disguise – the old paint is removed quite easily simply by rinsing.

Emulsion painted walls popular during the repair of various facilities: villas, kindergartens, gyms, offices and classrooms. “Our team” carries Services Painting walls and ceilings at an affordable price. Working smoothly, quickly, thoroughly observing the requirements of dyeing technology of various surfaces of the respective colors.

Our team performs quality finish, regardless of the initial state of the room surfaces. Experienced specialists will conduct the necessary surface preparation for democratic price, quickly, efficiently. In this case, you must specify the cost of works on painting walls. Perform the following preparatory work:

  • Removing old wallpaper, paint, plaster
  • Alignment of the solution surface, gypsum boards
  • Primer
  • Putty
  • Resurfacing