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House Insulation

Qualitatively insulated home can save up to 50% of the cost of heating the building in winter and cooling it in the summer. In addition, thermal insulation protects the load-bearing walling from sudden changes in ambient temperature, thus increasing the service life of the building. But most importantly – properly executed thermal insulation will make your home more comfortable and healthy – because it will eliminate “exhaustion” of heat from the human body cold walling. After all, people – a warm-blooded creature, and in addition to the temperature of the air around him, he constantly feels the temperature of solids at a distance of 3-4 meters around. At low temperatures, walling – man is cold even in superheated to unhealthy temperatures 25-26 degrees in the air. Warm walls – allow to maintain the room temperature at a low level, but healthy (19-20 degrees), thus creating a comfortable atmosphere, without feeling cold man.