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Construction of an extension – the best way to increase the living space of the house. In addition, the functional advantages, well-designed and built by extension can dramatically change the appearance of both the main building and the interior, and will help to create a virtually new architectural image on the site.

We build absolutely any extensions, completed the individual projects and calculating all the details. At the same time, at the stage of conceptual design have the opportunity to see the view from the cottage annexe erected a three-dimensional image. 

Note that the construction of a small extension does not require large financial and time costs. But with the constructive and technological point of view, there are many nuances, the ignorance of which can cause unpleasant consequences. The most common mistake when building extensions – Improper installation of foundations and unconsidered nodes docking structures of an extension to the retaining wall of the main building.         

Such deficiencies in design and construction cause deformation of the structure as a result of soil settlement under extension.

We offer technological solutions to avoid such problems. In this case, an extension visually and functionally becomes one with the house. This is achieved by careful selection of finishing materials at the design stage and the creation of 3D-models of various design options. In addition to the construction of an extension or add-in, we can implement a complete renovation of your home, including a strengthening of the bases, replacement of bearing structures, the device is a new roof and facade finishes.