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Electrical and Plumbing

We specialized in such works as the laying of internal and external networks, plumbing, electrical and ventilation, heating, air conditioning. In modern homes, offices and other facilities is no longer possible to live, work without modern standards of comfort and functionality facilities that provide complex engineering systems.

Plumbing works include the installation of cold and hot water supply, sewerage, installation and connection of the heating equipment. At each stage of plumbing work carried out monitoring to detect any defects and their subsequent elimination. The company’s specialists are constantly monitoring the modern technologies used in the field of plumbing work and materials.

TB Home Build Ltd. offers services Laying of external and internal electric networks. With its extensive technological base and all the necessary equipment, the customer provides the quality of work performed. Installation and commissioning of highly specialized equipment and mechanisms are carried out by our parterres – subcontractors with a good reputation and years of experience. All specialized work carried out by qualified employees of the organization with the help of modern tools and mechanisms, making possible to complete the work ahead of set deadlines.