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Our company is not afraid of challenges and large-scale, despite the fact that the construction of houses is regarded as one of the most difficult areas in the industry. Impeccable quality and execution of any project our specialists always combines originality and reasonable time-tested classics.  

Construction cottages and private houses is the main focus of our company, which allowed to accumulate considerable experience in creating a perfect and comfortable accommodation. Liaising with colleagues from the European countries, bringing together all the accumulated international experience in the construction field, the company is fully justifies its high rating and “keeps the brand” not only in Ireland, but also beyond.

Excellent quality of work performance and reasonable price make the construction of houses is very popular and popular service. The ideal ratio of “price-value” is provided by the use of fuel-efficient and eco-friendly materials, the use of innovative technologies invaluable international experience, as well as the excellent organization of the production process. At the same time, customers throughout the project get information on each stage of construction and at any time can make their adjustments and additions.

Country houses Turnkey recently when new construction methods and develop technology construction of houses and the use of materials, have ceased to be a seasonal buildings in the country. Beam, brick, expanded clay and other materials are used during the construction of modern houses with conditions that meet all comfortable home (see photo on the site).

Of course, we can not say that the homes built will cost the customer inexpensive. But in any case, the price will depend on the construction material used, which can be both secondary and excellent quality when, for example, selected logs or timber without the drawbacks of the wood and thereby greatly improves its characteristics and useful properties. To the customer has an idea of ​​the final cost of construction, our experts are ready to make a preliminary calculation of the cost of a full house and choose the best option in terms of price and quality built wooden house.